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The Total Athlete Indoor Training Center is now open and taking sign-ups for various lessons and classes. Our mission at the TAITC is to provide a genuine and credible service to the Ohio Valley at affordable prices, helping local athletes and citizens make advancements in their athletic skills.

Through professional instruction, we strive to help you reach your maximum potential as an athlete. Sign up for new classes, including: Basketball classes, Baseball classes, or even Martial Arts classes. Come check out the Ohio Valley’s newest training facility and learn how to take your game to the next level, only at the Total Athlete Indoor Training Center! Learn more about training below:

Baseball Training

Baseball is America’s pastime, a traditional and nuanced sport. If you have an athlete that needs batting instruction, pitching mechanics or help with the dynamics of the game Total Athlete is the place for you. We focus on many different aspects of baseball including offensive and defensive skills as well as pitching techniques. Our indoor athletic facility has different equipment that helps players excel in their skills for baseball. Our instructor is very knowledgeable on the sport of baseball and has a lot to offer aspiring baseball players. All baseball instruction is taught by Justin Edwards.

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Basketball Training

Basketball is one of the most popular sports of the younger generation. Camps and leagues are including kids of all ages. At Total Athlete we have experience teaching beginners as well as advanced athletes. Basketball instruction is taught by Dave Koehler and Mike Thomas. All have extensive resumes and can work well with all the athletes’ skillsets.

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Strength, Speed & Agility Training

Our workouts run Monday thru Thursday, 2-8 pm. Friday we train 2-6 pm. Weekend trainings are available by appointment only. Each group workout begins every hour on the hour and runs roughly one hour. Other workout times may be available by appointment.

Our program is for athletes ages 8 to college age. We will work to match athletes up in a group that will both challenge them through competition as well as focus on the main areas they need to focus. We ask that those coming to workout out are truly looking to improve. We strive for excellence.


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