Our Facility

The Total Athlete Indoor Training Center is a ClearSpan structure. Due to the unique engineering of the structure, all of the inside space is useable. There are no internal columns or supports to interfere with activities. Offering superior height and clearance when compared to traditional metal or wood buildings, this facility allows users to utilize as much space as possible for any type of sport or activity. ClearSpan buildings reduce outside noise and diminish indoor echoing. Sound-absorbing covers and walls provide a peaceful, tranquil environment for people and animals with no harsh sounds of rain or sleet pelting against a roof.

The Structure

A ClearSpan fabric structure also feels and smells fresh and clean. The natural light cuts down on moisture and bacteria growth, providing an environment that is healthier than more conventional steel and wood buildings. Superior ventilation options, such as roll-up sides, allow fresh air to flow throughout the structure.

Rent Our Center

Total Athlete is available to rent for team functions, athletic themed birthday parties or any other gatherings.

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