What is a Total Athlete?

Total Athlete Indoor Training Center is for athletes of all ages and sports to come and push themselves to new levels through our programs. The term “Total Athlete” signifies that we are not only looking to improve an athlete’s physical abilities, but mental capacities as well. We pride ourselves on being the most comprehensive sports training facility around. Along with our strength, speed, and agility training programs, we also offer specialized training for basketball, football, baseball, and more.

About our programs

We focus on providing a comprehensive training program that continuously motivates our athletes to improve in all areas of their sport. We work closely with our athletes to set individual goals, create a game plan for how they can reach those goals and then use periodic testing and benchmarks to monitor progress along the way.

We believe in competition. Therefore, our athletes are put in competitive situations with one another and with themselves on a daily basis.

Our trainers and coaches work to ensure that athletes of all ages and skill levels are put in a competitive and fun environment that gives the athlete the best opportunity to excel.

Self-confidence is a key building block for a young athlete. That is why our main goal is to instill self-confidence through our workout programs and skill development sessions.

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